Born in New York, many hours of Donna Leah’s youth were spent dreaming and sketching the types of clothing that she wanted to wear - bold colors, dynamic textures, and designs that were based on how it made you feel and not the time of day to wear it. A graduate of New York’s famed Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) the American designer chose to base her company, Donna Leah Designs, in Miami where the dynamic energy of the city sparks her concepts.Collections for ready-to-wear and evening wear are inspired by nature. All pieces feel powerful, yet feminine, with bold colors and textures that are the unifying statement for the brand.  

I’ve always felt that evening wear shouldn’t be just for the nighttime. The feelings of glamour are too special to not enjoy it from the moment we wake up until after dark.

After years of reflection and refining my craft, I felt that it was time to launch a brand that spoke to women who wanted to express themselves in the same powerful way that I want to.I’m thrilled that the collection, which launched with evening wear, now incorporates loungewear and ready-to-wear designed in the same spirit.

The new denim jacket, loungewear, and t-shirt collections from Donna Leah Designs are a nod to the unexpected, exciting, and what’s next. Being drawn to more casual looks was somewhat of a surprise noting that Donna Leah Designs’ trademark are red carpet ready gowns. But because she designs, in part, by an emotional ruler and knowns that an item will be a hit based on how it makes the wearer feel, embracing daytime wear with a touch of luxe is a natural transition for the brand.